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moises mattosOUT OF LOVE FOR MUSIC

The pianist Moisés Natividade de Mattos grew up in the the City Juiz de Fora in southeastern Brazil. His early distinguishable, exceptionable musicality was primarily fostered by André Pires, well-known music pedagogue and professor for piano. In only a few years he taught him knowledge and skills that otherwise, with intensive work, takes a much longer time to acquire. Prior to that, Moisés de Mattos, son of illiterate parents, taught himself autodidactically, under difficult circumstances.

Like a compass, he followed his enthusiasm for the German classical and romantic music and learned the German language through self-study. At the University of Arts in Bremen he studied piano under Gundel Deckert and Martin von der Heydt and ended his studies with a Bachelor on the way to a Master with distinction. He participated in masterclasses with Ivone Bambirra, Lilya Zilberstein, Konrad Elser, and Young-Lang Han.

He is also a committed chamber music musician. Moisés de Mattos was invited by his hometown in Brazil to play a concert series. In Manchester, he focused on being a soloist, was a guest artist along with other musicians, and performed as a member of the Bremen university orchestra. At his concerts, it is of particular importance to him to not only convey the beauty and complexity of classical music on an intellectual level, but with his interpretation he would like to reach them emotionally and enthuse them with the classical music the same way he experienced it in his childhood on another continent. – See more Concerts here.

For Moisés’ story see About me. A documentary about Moisés is currently being produced. For more information about the film and a chance to make a donation for this project see Press.

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